Acknowledging the Blossoms
The exquisite creation of God which forms the crown of a quintessential tree, the flowers, offer breathtaking magnificence which makes its presence irresistible. The inevitable that form a great gifting present on All Purpose. The blissful blossoms never fall short of its charm to allure the recipient. Be it Gifts For Him or Gifts For Her, a gift of floral always does its magic to win over any individual’s heart. Out of all the sheer enchanters, a Sunny Display of Mixed Gerberas, a Bouquet of spectacular Red Roses, and Magnificent bouquet of fresh Lilies and are the absolute stand outs.


This enticing bloom comes from the Arum family which incorporates for more than 1000 species of floral breeds, all collectively known as Anthurium. This Anthurium derives its name from duo Greek words– oura which stands for tail and anthos depicting flower. The meaning has been said to be derived to give literal meaning to the Anthurium’s appearance. With its unique heart-shaped fronds crafting out the blossoms, it makes the plant all the more captivating and unavoidable in terms of ignoring this beauty of nature. Though the actual bloom of the Anthurium is the inner, tiny little spiked segment forming the eye of the bracts, called spandix, still the vividly hued bracts is what is accepted as the real flower of the plant, universally. Now, this floral arrangement can be profusely found in shades of white and emerald green and again ranging from blushing pinks to scintillating reds. Popularly referred to as Tail Flower, Flamingo Flowers, Bull’s Head, Cock’s Comb and Painted Tongue in diversified regions of the world, this particular bloom stands as a universal symbol of hospitality and abundance.

Certain color categories and their significance -

Red - Intense love and ardor

White - Virtue and chastity

Pink - Empathy, womanhood and Motherly’ affection.

With its impressive quality of striving in any given situation, Anthuriums make exotic floral bouquets for different wedding purposes. Also, much suitable as mixed floral display, Beautiful bouquet of Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums these flowers shine out as House-Warming souvenirs or Office presents with its fine tropical touch to the floret architecture.


Natives to Asia and North Eastern hemisphere of Europe, Chrysanthemum has derived its name from the amalgamation of two Ancient Greek words - ???s?? chrysos (Chris) which mirrors gold and ???eµ?? anthemon (Anthemon) depicting Flower. The name was suggested by Father of modern taxonomy, Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish by birth.

Blooming in enormous structures like that of daisies, ornamental, pompom or button shaped, there lies an entire array of colors that is available after years of efficient cultivation. These color ranges from white to purple and again from pink to red. A symbol of Sun, the Japanese recognize the floral as the perfect symbol of Long life, devotion and glee, while these floral have some exceptional illustrations in accordance to its color. Some of the common ones are-

Red - Conveys love and admiration. The popular Fall Mums are the perfect presents to say I Love You.

White - Mirrors authentic love and devotion

Yellow - Unwanted or neglected love

Belonging to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family, these tropical flowers are not specific to any season and can produce wholesome blossoms only when exposed to sufficient sunlight. Chrysanthemums can be cultured in any kind of soil, provided the area ascertains low rainfall. A chrysanthemum floral bed attains scheduled mulching and watering after its being implanted.

These November birth flowers serve great birthday corsages and are celebrated 13th Wedding Anniversary floral presents. One of the rare known facts, is that the flowers where first bought by the Japanese Buddhist monks in AD 400 and from there on the flower has its own commemoration day, known as Festival of Happiness (in Japan) to laud the flower every year.


Named in the honor of profound German Botanist Dr.Traugott Gerber, the Gerberas form the most popular bunch of blossoms right next to Carnations and Roses. Widely cultivated in the Transvaal district of South Africa, the flower also has its prominent presence in countries ranging from Africa right up to Madagascar, including regions of South America and Asia.

Gerberas possess uniquely designed two-lipped ray florets and can be classified into 4 groups of Single florets, double florets, crested double florets and full crested double florets.

An assemblage of hundred of florets forming one single structure, these perennial plants are bred in an exclusive range of colors like snow whites, pretty pinks, rich reds, vibrant yellows and cheerful orange can easily enlighten the atmosphere of any dark space. Having a common meaning of purity and innocence, the various hues depict different notations. They are-

White - White Gerberas Graceful Arrangement of White Gerberas with Fillers depicts purity and chastity.

Yellow - Gerberas having yellow hues Distinctive Bunch of Yellow Gerberas mirror cheerfulness

Orange - Represents sunshine symbolizing feelings of warmth and kindness. Orange Gerberas mark great souvenirs for friends.

Pink - Pink Gerberas Urbane Bunch of Pink Gerberas symbolizes fondness and adoration.

Red - Bouquets curate out of Red Gerberas Magnificent Bunch of Gerberas in Red Colour signifies Unconscious in Love or blind Love.

Mixed - A daisy variety of high esteem, the mixed gerbera wreath Joyful Emotions Gerberas Premium Heart Shaped Arrangement stands out to be the most radiant and joyful corsage, often make the way as Wedding Florals depicting purity and zeal.


Representatives of purity and innocence, Daisies actually belong to the Asteraceae family along with other floral like that of Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Sunflowers and even lettuce! The Daisy family is also known as the composite family due to its floral structure, construction of 2 sizes of florets making seem like a single entity. The blossoms mainly assemble a series of tiny petals surrounded by rays of longer versions.

Varieties of Daisies:

English Daisies - Famous as the Common Daisy, the classic yellow centered white daisies are natives to Northern part of Europe. In recent times, there is large number of Daisies crafted out by breeding these English Daisies, which are highly-priced blooms.

Shasta Daisies - Cultured in a hefty number of sizes and shapes, the Shasta Daisies are somewhat similar to the English ones. These Daisies have yellow disc like centers, comparatively larger than what the usual English Daisies possess. These blossoms are considerably taller than the common ones, often reaching a height of about 2-3feets. Shasta Daisies are considered the most enticing of all other Daisies. With its bright yellow epicenter, a fully bloomed daisy appears to be the gaudiest in a garden, amongst other floral assortments. The birth of this fine breed of Daisy was not a natural phenomenon. Infact, Luther Burbank, a celebrated Botanist discovered this species by breeding it as a hybrid one. The Daisies first came into existence on the Mt.Shasta situated in California and thus the name of the Daisy arrived.

Gerbera Daisies - A Gerbera Daisy is one of the most renowned flowers of the world which has its roots in South Africa. The flowers are somewhere between 2-5 inches wide and they are bred in an exotic array of shades starting from yellow to orange to pink, to salmon and lastly ending in white. Because of the popularity of the said floral, these Gerbera Daisies have formed its own genus known as the Gerbera Bouquet of beautiful assorted brightly hued Gerberas genus.

Other Breeds - Some of the alternative prevailing species of Daisies include- Painted Daisy, Ox-Eye Daisy, Gloriosa Daisy, Marguerite Daisy and many more.


This unusually alluring floral needs special attention when it comes to its species and characteristic specification. A universal symbol of fertility, these flowers provides a number of usages right from being the Vanilla pods that go into baking Cakes to aromatic fragrances made for human endeavor. Apart from all these, it is a florist’s best friend. Orchids have derived its name for an ancient Greek word Orkhos given by Greek Botanist Theophrastus which resembles virility. The flower that has long been associated with love and romance, has some exotic breeds, namely- Brassavola Orchid, Cattleya Orchid, Catasetum Orchids, Cycnoches Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids and Encyclia Orchids.

Relative to enormous species, the orchid family incorporates an appealing chain of colors to choose from. And likely to all other florals, this particular bloom also has different implications in accordance to its hues. Some of the pre-eminent ones are:

White Orchids: Represents reverence and modesty along with beauty and poise.

Yellow Orchids: Determines friendship and new beginnings.

Orange Orchids: These orchids denote cheerfulness, courage and self-esteem.

Pink Orchids: Mirrors grace, joy and tenderness, sometimes symbolizing femininity.

Purple Orchids: A symbol of imperialism and royalty, purple orchids Bouquet of Attractive Fresh Orchids are perfect souvenirs for showing respect and admiration at the same time.

Orchids add an unusual charm to an ordinary bunch of blossoms. Its flying in the air-like appeal makes the Orchids an irresistible floral choice. An Orchid’s message is impossible to dismiss.


The ever so mesmerizing, spring embellishment is a perennial floral that strives best in places with dry summers and wet winters. The classical symbol of Ottoman Empire, tulips own 6 large petals which are cultured in a myriad of colors. The all decked up bloom may be singular or duplex in number having diversified sizes and shapes. Indigenous to Asia and Siberia, the floret is a major favorite among the human race. A tulip is generally associated with Impeccable Love, still specific colors have certain peculiar significances. Therefore, a short note on different hues of Tulips and their implications:

White Tulips - Tailors messages of forgiveness and worth.

Yellow Tulips - from being a symbol of hopeless love to now, expressing joyful thoughts and ever-radiant sunshine.

Purple Tulips - An expression of aristocracy.

Red Tulips - Depicts genuine love and desire.

Variegated Tulips - Represents enthralling eyes.

The 11th wedding anniversary floral is neither too exquisite, nor too gaudy, neither very big, nor a tiny floret, hence, a tulip is just right, one of its kind.


From securing the Chinese name of hou po, to latter being named as magnolias, these budding beauties attained its contemporary name from a French Botanist Pierre Magnol. He was the first among all to specify that the florets came in families and not just mere species. Often symbolizing Yin, the feminine sector of life, Magnolias are bred in over 200 categories. Duo varieties of these fragrant floral, the Magnolia Grandiflora and Magnolia sieboldii happens to be the State flower of Mississippi (since 1952) and North Korea’s National flower, respectively.

According to a survey held by San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, the Magnolias are the oldest floral that has been introduced to mankind. Generally encompassing white petals, the current world witnesses certain species of yellow, pink and purple magnolias.

A note on the significances of the varied hues of Magnolias:

White - Represents the deity, Lunar Goddess and also for spell caste on Mondays.

Yellow - Mark of Solar Goddess and spell caste on Sundays.

Pink - Expresses womanhood, grace and admiration. Associated with Love Goddesses - Venus and Aphrodite.

Purple - A perfect souvenir for Government achievements, related to Roman sovereignty since ages.


Emerging 35 years ago, these unparalleled beauties of nature captivated humans with its alluring beauty and exotic aroma. Roses happen to be the most comforting choice for all florists as these thorny shrubs serves a host of expressions in accordance to its color variation.

Find out what each color of a Rose has to convey:

White Rose - A symbol of purity and chastity, perfect bouquets Fresh Warm Wishes White Roses in a Vase for both wedding as well as funerals.

Yellow Rose - Celebrates success. Yellow Roses Pretty Morning Sunshine Yellow Roses Bouquet. Are an ideal present for friends ad foes.

Orange Rose - Marks endurance, dreams and dignity.

Pink Rose - On one hand, the bright pink ones Beautiful bouquet of 30 bright Pink Roses express a romantic interlude or young love, whereas, on the other hand, the blushing soft shades of pinks Bouquet of Beautiful Blushing Peach or Pink Roses denote Motherly love and affection, perfect presents for mothers on Mother’s Day.

Red Rose - Universally and undeniably, Red roses have forever been associated with intense love and passion. Saying those 3 magical words - I Love You is absolutely incomplete without a bouquet of those scintillating rich red Roses Thrilling Heart Shaped Red Rose Bouquet.

Blue Rose - Represents royal blood, achieving the unachievable, Uniqueness and mystery.

Other Rare Hues:

Green Rose - Tied to success and greetings for a healthy living.

Brown Rose - Romantic floral, in order to serve the male partners.

Black Rose - Pure Black Roses are non-existent and are mainly crafted out with the support of dye. These ultra black blooms denote death and mourning, sometimes even linked with a person who is lost in love.


The most dazzling of all other floral, the Zinnias have been named after a German Botanist named Johann Gottfried Zinn. Natives to United States, Mexico and Central America, these convex-shaped blossoms out-bloom between mid-summers till the end of winter.

Zinnia being one of the most irrepressible blossoms of all times has evolved its significance from its striving capability.

Zinnia Flower meanings according to colors:

White - Depicts Goodwill and generosity

Yellow - Shows Daily reminiscence

Magenta - Showcases strong fondness

Red - Replicates steady heart beat and family bonds.

Mixed - A Bouquet of mixed Zinnias along with other floral assortment Basket of Sizzling Mixed Flowers tailors the message of I Miss You to a friend who stay miles apart.


The flower acknowledged for its immense beauty and the most satisfying choice for all sorts of floral arrangements are availed in an array of shapes, sizes and colors. Out of all the breeds of lilies, the Stargazer and Casablanca make the most baroque boutonnieres. The Lilies can endure any situation provided they are planted at the right spot.

Availed in the shades of green, pink, orange, yellow and purple, Calla Lilies are natives to South Africa. This one of a kind flower exerts a host of meanings for its different color combinations. This exclusive floral derived its name from an Ancient Greek word Calla meaning beauty. These low maintenance tiny artistry of nature , the Calla lilies make great house plotted plants as well as adorn enormous bouquets. The Lily-of-the-Valley, another breed of the Lily family is often considered as the Stairs of the Heaven for its exotic divine aroma. Cultured extensively on the picture perfect locale of California’s Santa Barbara coastline, this bell shaped blossom is a Spring bloom. Other noteworthy species of lilies incorporate those of Tiger and Eucharis Lilies.

Note on the different color connotations of Lilies:

White - Cleanliness and Honor. Sensational Pure Essence White Lilies Bunch

Pink - Wealth in profusion. Soft Pink Lilies in a Vase

Red - Intensity and Desire.

Yellow - Gratefulness and Gusto. Spirited Bouquet of Engrossing Lilies

Orange - Pride, Assurance and Riches.

In addition to the real blossoms, with the passage of time, the man-made work of artistry, the artificial ones have also gained much importance in human lives. These Long Lasting Flowers never droops unlike the real ones and henceforth, these floral have become comforting preferences for many households. Acting as the perfect souvenir, these graceful eternal floral dominated boutonnieres Twinkling Polish Durable Flowers are a fair display to adorn the houses of your dear ones.

This art of imitating real blossoms was initiated decades ago by the inhabitants of Egypt, Italy, China, Rome and Southern America. They elected objects such as rice papers, silk, gold, silver, shaded bird feathers, wax and stained carapace to prepare these everlasting beauties. The modern day ceaseless corsages are conceived out of elements like that of polyester fabric, nylon mesh, soaps, glass and plastic molds which make it appear miraculously real. Artificial flowers Breathtaking Red Long Lasting Flowers are the ideal alternative for people who are susceptible to floral allergies caused by its strong fragrance. Also spending a chunk on these timeless blossoms are much economical if thought off practically.