6 Bollywood movies that show the beautiful bond of a Father and Child

Father's Day is one great occasion to celebrate this bond. It is also aday where we can express our love and care to dad with gifts and wishes. In thetimes we are in, celebrating Father's Day at home is a wise idea. Here are 8Bollywood movies that you can watch on this Father's Day along with your dadand stay safe at home.


Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone, Piku is a beautifulnarrative of a father-daughter bond. It shows how a daughter cares for herelderly dad. This Father's Day movie teaches a delicate lesson that we shouldcare for our parents and treat them with love in their old age.

Chachi 420

This evergreen movie that shows the effort of a father to get closer tohis daughter staying with his separated wife always stays on the list ofFather's Day movies. Kamal Hassan portrays the role of a dad wanting to spendtime with his daughter, though he is separated from his wife. He does the roleof a grandmother to accomplish this and the rest is a full-fledgedcomedy-drama.


Girls can work wonders if they have caring and motivating fathers.Dangal depicts the story of two village girls who win accolades at theinternational level with the support of their father. Amir Khan inspires everyfather and shows how fathers should identify the skills hidden in theirdaughters through this movie.


A son attempts suicide due to his failure in exams. How his fatherteaches him that failure is not the end of life is what Chichhore is about.Sushant Singh Rajput delivers an excellent performance as a caring dad tryingto save his son's life and hopes in this Father's Day movie.


Raazi is a story of a father and daughter who love each otherunconditionally. Together, they are ready to make any sacrifice for theircountry. Alia Bhatt and Rajit Kapoor offered excellent performance as daughterand father duo in this compelling Father's Day movie.


Another movie from Kamal Hassan, Indian is one of the super hit moviesof the last generation. Made in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, Indian is a storyabout a father taking revenge on the system that killed his loving daughter.The music of the movie is another attraction apart from the storyline.

What is your favourite Father's Day movie from these. Do you have anyother film on your mind. Please share with us. 

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