Acknowledging the Blossoms - Anthuriums and Chrysanthemums


This enticing bloom comes from the Arum family which incorporates for more than 1000 species of floral breeds, all collectively known as Anthurium. This Anthurium derives its name from duo Greek words- oura which stands for tail and anthos depicting flower. The meaning has been said to be derived to give literal meaning to the Anthurium's appearance. With its unique heart-shaped fronds crafting out the blossoms, it makes the plant all the more captivating and unavoidable in terms of ignoring this beauty of nature. Though the actual bloom of the Anthurium is the inner, tiny little spiked segment forming the eye of the bracts, called spandix, still the vividly hued bracts is what is accepted as the real flower of the plant, universally. Now, this floral arrangement can be profusely found in shades of white and emerald green and again ranging from blushing pinks to scintillating reds. Popularly referred to as Tail Flower, Flamingo Flowers, Bull's Head, Cock's Comb and Painted Tongue in diversified regions of the world, this particular bloom stands as a universal symbol of hospitality and abundance.

Certain color categories and their significance -

Red - Intense love and ardor

White - Virtue and chastity

Pink - Empathy, womanhood and Motherly' affection.

With its impressive quality of striving in any given situation, Anthuriums make exotic floral bouquets for different wedding purposes. Also, much suitable as mixed floral display, Beautiful bouquet of Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums these flowers shine out as House-Warming souvenirs or Office presents with its fine tropical touch to the floret architecture.


Natives to Asia and North Eastern hemisphere of Europe, Chrysanthemum has derived its name from the amalgamation of two Ancient Greek words - ???s?? chrysos (Chris) which mirrors gold and ???e�?? anthemon (Anthemon) depicting Flower. The name was suggested by Father of modern taxonomy, Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish by birth.

Blooming in enormous structures like that of daisies, ornamental, pompom or button shaped, there lies an entire array of colors that is available after years of efficient cultivation. These color ranges from white to purple and again from pink to red. A symbol of Sun, the Japanese recognize the floral as the perfect symbol of Long life, devotion and glee, while these floral have some exceptional illustrations in accordance to its color. Some of the common ones are-

Red - Conveys love and admiration. The popular Fall Mums are the perfect presents to say I Love You.

White - Mirrors authentic love and devotion

Yellow - Unwanted or neglected love

Belonging to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family, these tropical flowers are not specific to any season and can produce wholesome blossoms only when exposed to sufficient sunlight. Chrysanthemums can be cultured in any kind of soil, provided the area ascertains low rainfall. A chrysanthemum floral bed attains scheduled mulching and watering after its being implanted.

These November birth flowers serve great birthday corsages and are celebrated 13th Wedding Anniversary floral presents. One of the rare known facts, is that the flowers where first bought by the Japanese Buddhist monks in AD 400 and from there on the flower has its own commemoration day, known as Festival of Happiness (in Japan) to laud the flower every year.

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