Acknowledging the Blossoms - Magnolias and Roses


From securing the Chinese name of hou po, to latter being named as magnolias, these budding beauties attained its contemporary name from a French Botanist Pierre Magnol. He was the first among all to specify that the florets came in families and not just mere species. Often symbolizing Yin, the feminine sector of life, Magnolias are bred in over 200 categories. Duo varieties of these fragrant floral, the Magnolia Grandiflora and Magnolia sieboldii happens to be the State flower of Mississippi (since 1952) and North Korea's National flower, respectively.

According to a survey held by San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, the Magnolias are the oldest floral that has been introduced to mankind. Generally encompassing white petals, the current world witnesses certain species of yellow, pink and purple magnolias.

A note on the significances of the varied hues of Magnolias:

White - Represents the deity, Lunar Goddess and also for spell caste on Mondays.

Yellow - Mark of Solar Goddess and spell caste on Sundays.

Pink - Expresses womanhood, grace and admiration. Associated with Love Goddesses - Venus and Aphrodite.

Purple - A perfect souvenir for Government achievements, related to Roman sovereignty since ages.


Emerging 35 years ago, these unparalleled beauties of nature captivated humans with its alluring beauty and exotic aroma. Roses happen to be the most comforting choice for all florists as these thorny shrubs serves a host of expressions in accordance to its color variation.

Find out what each color of a Rose has to convey:

White Rose - A symbol of purity and chastity, perfect bouquets Fresh Warm Wishes White Roses in a Vase for both wedding as well as funerals.

Yellow Rose - Celebrates success. Yellow Roses Pretty Morning Sunshine Yellow Roses Bouquet. Are an ideal present for friends ad foes.

Orange Rose - Marks endurance, dreams and dignity.

Pink Rose - On one hand, the bright pink ones Beautiful bouquet of 30 bright Pink Roses express a romantic interlude or young love, whereas, on the other hand, the blushing soft shades of pinks Bouquet of Beautiful Blushing Peach or Pink Roses denote Motherly love and affection, perfect presents for mothers on Mother's Day.

Red Rose - Universally and undeniably, Red roses have forever been associated with intense love and passion. Saying those 3 magical words - I Love You is absolutely incomplete without a bouquet of those scintillating rich red Roses Thrilling Heart Shaped Red Rose Bouquet.

Blue Rose - Represents royal blood, achieving the unachievable, Uniqueness and mystery.

Other Rare Hues:

Green Rose - Tied to success and greetings for a healthy living.

Brown Rose - Romantic floral, in order to serve the male partners.

Black Rose - Pure Black Roses are non-existent and are mainly crafted out with the support of dye. These ultra black blooms denote death and mourning, sometimes even linked with a person who is lost in love.

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