Live Plants the Best Gifts on World Health Day

The World Health day falls on April 7th every year. World Health Day is an initiative which is recognized and sponsored by the 193 World Health Organization (WHO) country members. It is held locally and globally in all parts of the world.

WHO has tackled many worldwide epidemics and diseases such as Smallpox, Chickenpox, Polio, TB, Leprosy etc.

The importance of World Health Day:

To make this day known to the world many activities and health campaigns are organized. Conferences for the public with government and non government organisations are held. Many clean-up drives and public medical campaigns are demonstrated for free or organize easily accessible medical tests.

Newspapers and media help to spread the awareness and people of all age groups are included. 

This day is aimed at protecting our civilization and preserving it for the future generations. It should be understood that health should not be neglected and every single individual must care for their health. 

The theme for World Health Day 2019 is "Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere". These are few of their objectives for this year:

1. To spread awareness with regard to the causes and prevention of blood pressure.

2. To teach preventive measure and take precautions from future epidemics.

3. To promote self health care and regular or annual check-ups.

5. To seek help and follow necessary medications.

6. To encourage health awareness and help group centres to improve their environment by promoting healthy lifestyle and food products.

Live Plants the Best Gifts on World Health Day:

We may have noticed that some people decorate their homes and outdoor surrounding with plants. Though they provide a beautiful and colourful ambience one cannot overlook that growing and keeping plants comes with their own set of benefits. Plants do not require much time for maintenance but their benefits are numerous. Along with the greenery they provide, they have a variety of other benefits.

Plants improve the Mental Health of a person:

Plants help a person to relax. The greenery and colours helps people to de-stress and feel spacious and fresh. The air circulation is better and improved. The atmosphere around the house and area will help people to remain calm. The air circulation is improved as there will be more release of oxygen and all the toxic air is filtered. The brain will feel less tired and the body can function better as well.

Plants also help to keep people engaged. It is a kind of therapy being able to care and nurture them. Some plants don't even need much time like cacti. The perfume and aroma spread by the beautiful plants helps everyone to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Plants improve our Immunity System

Plants help to build the immunity system. They have chemical properties likes phytoncides which help to reduce stress and give us a natural boost. This will help us fight common cold, flu and illnesses.

One can become more Productive and Skilled:

Plants help create a productive and positive work space. The productivity of an individual is improved. It helps to keep one engaged and gardening is also a kind of therapy. Plants also help to improve learning skills. The capability of a person is enhanced.

Plants naturally improve the quality of Air:

Often the quality of air inside our home is more polluted than the air outside because the pollutants in the air are trapped inside the walls and cannot get out. Thus the plants help in improving the filtration of air inside the house. One can breathe better and improve their immune system. Plants release the water they take in. Thus they add humidity in the room and prevent dryness and dust. They work as a natural humidifier which improved everyone's health.

Send Healthcare Gifts this World Health Day

As we can see, growing a plant is beneficial for all. Our generation is polluted with the growing industrialization. We ourselves need to take precautions and proper care of our health. One way to start is by owning plants. This World Health Day take the opportunity to create awareness as an initiative by gifting plants and other health care materials.

You can send Health Care Gifts to Hyderabad to your family and friends for their well being. With the modern age gifting trends no one really focuses on the purpose a gift serves. One needs to focus on the real value of gift than the price.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. So change the trend and send Fruit Baskets to Hyderabad on this occasion keeping in mind the necessity of a healthy diet.

Have a healthy life and grow a healthy life and Gift Plants to Hyderabad to refresh the homes of your loved ones from the pollutants of the city. Encourage them to grow a garden and have a healthy lifestyle.

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