Religious Perception on Flowers

Flowers offer their own enigmatic language which has been attempted to be unraveled by many experts since ages. Though, partly the floral language has become clear, some mystery is yet to be decoded. Apart from befitting certain occasions like that of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day and Funerals, flowers also symbolize specific denotations which are acquired by different religions all across the globe.

Representation of Christian legend Virgin Mary, the White Madonna Lilies are considered as the replica of her body and soul. Similar in the appearance to that of the Madonna White Lilly, it is said that the blooming white petals of the flower mirrored Virgin Mary's flawless skin and its golden stamens depicted her gleaming soul. In Christianity, other white florals like that of the Lily-of-the-Valley, leucojum and snowdrops signified similar interpretations. Also, white Roses and daisies with gold apex depicted the same and therefore, all the above mentioned flowers hold great importance in Christian religion.

The very observance of Gods is termed as Puja by Hindus, whose literal translation happens to be The Flower Act. Hence, it is quite clear that Hinduism is fascinated with florals and each flower has a varied implication as and when offered in the service of the divine. Out of all the perceptions, one penned down belief in Holy book of Hindus, the Bhagvat Gita that summoned a man to replicate the Lotus blossom and thereupon, a man should perform his duties without any sort of attachments, devoting every action in the name of the Lord as well keep himself away from every sin, just like the flower which stands tall above the muddy water. Lotus symbolizes infinity, chastity and sanctity, which inhabits in every human soul. Additionally, Lotus also denotes survival, fertility and restoration of youth, sometimes also defines the beauty that lies in the eyes of a lady. Lotus also occurs to be the divine floral for the Buddhists. Apart from Lotus being the most sacred floral of the Hindus, the white fragrantful floral- Jasmine likewise shares a significance space in Hinduism. The flower which has its name inscribed in the Vedas, the Jasmine is a really very important flower that is being used in Hindu weddings since no-time. Other profusely used pious blossoms of the Hindus include the Marigolds, the Hibiscus and the Roses.

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