Right Flowers for the Right Occasions to Hyderabad - Part-3

House-Warming Parties - Honor all the hardships that a family has faced to get there and commemorate the new house with a gift of love and warmth. There is a famous phrase that says -Home Sweet Home and therefore one should grant a present that is surely to make the home smell at the same time feel sweet. And nothing can beat the power of flowers when it comes to House-Warming Party souvenirs. The beaming blooms with its captivating aroma bring in an soothing vibe to a newly bought house. Vintage Lilies Gladsome Bouquet of Startling Lilies and purple orchids Bouquet of attractive fresh Orchids are just two of the plethora of options one has while selecting florals for a House-Warming event.

Puja - The two most inevitable festivals of India- Raksha Bandhan and Diwali are incomplete without the touch of glorious blossoms. Raksha Bandhan is a pious thread tying ceremony that is witnessed on a full moon day or Poornima (also called Rakhi Poornima for the said reason) sometime in the first or mid week of August. Every year, on this day, there is ritual where sisters tie a sanctified thread on their brothers' right wrist. The thread is assumed to safeguard the brother from various problems and the sister simultaneously prays for his long life. In return, the brother vows to be his sister's shield and protect her from any crisis situation. The day doesn't end here, as there awaits enormous present exchanging ceremony and flower is one of the key souvenirs served to both brothers and sisters on each other's behalf, as a token of love and warmth. Floral presents crafted out of fresh Gerberas Cultivating Comeliness Gerberas Bouquet, Lilies and Carnations Magnetic Bunch of Mixed Carnations are assembled with other exotic goodies and presented to one sibling by the other. Then ushers the next big fete of India, Diwali, in the Hindu month of Kartika or in mid October. The festival of lights is celebrated in the honor of Lord Ram who is said to return from an exile of 14years by defeating Ravana. Other than this, there is another myth surrounding Deepavali which says that worshipping the divine, Ganesh and Lakshmi idols helps to treasure riches and bring in good luck for the rest of the year. Therefore, in order to please the deity, families welcome them with illuminating houses and shops. People purchase varieties of sweets and other luminous tidbits for their own families and other friends and foes. Apart from sending sweet nothings to beloved ones, one also incorporates fresh boutonnieres of Lilies, Pink Gerberas, along with various hues of Roses Sentimental Surprise Premium Bouquet of 50 Dutch Roses and mixed floral bouquets Blossoming Presentation of Mixed Flowers Basket with Petite Fillers as seasonal Diwali greetings with heartfelt messages.

As Ornaments - It is said that women appearing in ancient Indian mythology and fables used to adorn themselves with handcrafted floral jewels. Embracing the beautiful gift of nature, the flowers and designing enormous ornaments out of it has yet again become the talk of the town. Floral petal earrings, real flower maang tikas and bracelets, floral garlands and other jewelleries embellished with natural flowers, not only uplifts the pre-existing elegance and enigma of a woman but its serene aroma makes her feel fresh and fragrantful at the same time. With the contemporary floral adornment now in vogue, hefty leagues of women are inclining towards the usage of real floral embellishments, especially in auspicious occasions like that of wedding and other relatable ceremonies.

Flowers with its magnetic beauty and sensuous fragrance have made it quite difficult for us humans to resist its charm. Florals have a vital role to play in the life cycle of manhood and its worth still remains intangible. From birth till demise, blossoms are required to accomplish every event. Flowers are there for every season and for every reason, creating an optimistic vibe in an otherwise dull environ with its unattainable attributes of radiance and charm.

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