The term Raksha Bandhan means the protection of a bond. Here the bond is between a brother and sister. A sacred thread is tied on the wrist of brother as a symbol of protection, love, and prayers. Hindu's celebrate this festival as it has been a tradition for ages. The story as to how this ritual that is practiced every year has many interesting events that may have caused its occurrence. 


Indian history has a few stories when siblings are said to have ventured up to secure their sisters during times of affliction. It is said that in the old occasions, rulers used to send Rakhi to their neighbours symbolizing fraternity. 

One of the most prevalent accounts of Raksha Bandhan in India is connected to the Mughal time frame when there was a battle among Rajputs and the Mughals. Old stories has it that when the bereaved Empress of Chittor, Karnavati, saw emergency in her state, she sent a Rakhi to Mughal ruler Humayun and looked for assistance to secure her state against the assault of Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. Concurring due regard to the string that Karnavati had sent, Humayun quickly sent his military to Chittor to secure her. 

It is accepted that Draupadi once tore a segment of her sari and tied it on Krishna's wrist that prevented Krishna's from bleeding from the battle wounds. Krishna at that point proclaimed her as his sister. Consequently, Lord Krishna secured Draupadi, when she was mishandled by the Kauravas before Pandavas, who had lost her in a betting wager. 

There is likewise a conviction that Raksha Bandhan was even trailed by Lord Yama (God of Death) and his sister Yamuna (stream). Yamuna attached Rakhi to Yama and offered eternality. 

Whatever is the tales or legends related with the celebration, it is praised with full enthusiasm even in the modern day and age.


The importance of the celebration can be observed from the way that it reinforces the connection between a sibling and sister, a characterizing character of Indian culture. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration set apart since antiquated occasions and there are a few fanciful stories that spin around this custom. As indicated by the Hindu calendar, Raksha Bandhan is commended on the full moon of the Savan month. The Savan month is viewed as a favorable period among Hindus and Lord Shiva is revered each Monday this whole time. This year, August 15th of the Savan month is celebrated as the day for Raksha Bandhan.

The Rakhi string is considered as consecrated in light of the fact that it helps to remember the guarantee a sibling makes to her sister that he will secure her until death. On the event, sisters offer prayers to God for the great wellbeing and prosperity of their siblings and in lieu get endowments from their sibling.


Both brother and sister trade presents and gifts with one another on this day which is considered as tokens of adoration and warmth. During this blissful event, the sisters get ready awesome dishes for their siblings. Some Rakhi excellent dishes are Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli, Motichur Laddoo, Soan Papri from Haldirams, Namakpare and many such lip-smacking sweets n snacks. 

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Apart from these, the brothers who received Rakhi's online can send Rakhi return gifts to sisters as well. You can gift a lovely printed Sarees along with a box of Assorted Sweets wrapped in love. Return the love you received from your sister and show how grateful you are with the help of gifts as your expression of gratefulness and your love for her.

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