Unique Gifts for Holi

Holi festival is one of the festivals in India that is celebrated with grandeur. It is a mark of joy and togetherness. As the legend says, it is on this festival that the sister of an evil king Hiranyakasipa, died in the fire. To mark this, Holika Dahan, a bonfire is lit on the previous day of Holi and friends and family members get together at the bonfire, sing and play around it.

The next day is the Holi festival where people play with colours. The tradition of playing with colours originated from the reason that Holi marks a beginning of summer in India. People of olden days, hence, used to make colour powders from the leaves and barks of medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs and play with them to increase the immunity and resist for the summer borne diseases. Now-a-days, ready to play colours are being made available. If you are looking for eco-friendly and skin friendly colours for playing on Holi Day, you can always go back to the style of good olden days and play with natural dyes and colours.

Holi Gifts to Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a land of great mix of people from varied cultures. Anyone from anywhere in India or in the world love to settle here owing to its great location, cultural diversity, wide range of food options available and the warmth ofHyderabadis to people of different cultures. This is the reason you find many festivals and occasions are celebrated in Hyderabad with equal respect and joy.

Holi, this year, is celebrated on March 20th and 21st in Hyderabad as with the rest of India. Children and youth come and play onto the roads joyfully with colours and have a great fun time.

If you are a native of Hyderabad and currently out of the city and planning to make this Holi a memorable occasion for your dear ones in Hyderabad by sending sweets to Hyderabad, choose sweets from reputed sweets shops in town by ordering online Holi Gift delivery in Hyderabad.

Here is a list of unique Holi gifts that you can send as Holi Gifts to Hyderabad:

�Irresistible sweets options like Gulab Jamun, Motichoor Laddoo, Soan Papri, Kesaria Peda, Kaju Katli, Rasgulla etc that       would satisfy the taste buds of your dear ones.

�Assorted range of Chocolates, Cadbury Celebration Pack, Homemade Chocolates to surprise your dear ones

�Mixed Dry Fruits platter of Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Pistachios, Dates etc as healthier gifting option on Holi

�Silver plated Puja Thali with Sweets and Abir Gulal to welcome guests on Holi 

�Idols of Ganesh as a mark of good and Radha Krishna to mark their love

�Thandai and sweet combo, for the complete gifting experience

�Fruit Basket, a good option for elderly and diabetic people

�A pair of Kurta Pyjama, Traditional Chunari Dupatta or Rajasthani Pagri to wear on this colourful festival

�Water Colour Sprayers or Pichkaris with Herbal Gulals

�Flower Baskets and Bouquets to convey your heart

�Home Decor items such as wall hangings, entrance hangings and wall frames

�Organic Products and Beauty Products

�Spa and Massage kits to refresh your dear ones after a hectic day

�Delicious Vanilla or Chocolate Cake for that fun filled Holi evening with friends and family members

Whatever gift you choose, it is equally important to choose a good service provider for delivering Holi Gifts to Hyderabad to avoid disappointment later on. Select unique Holi Gifts along and order through a reputed service provider for online Holi Gift delivery in Hyderabad and be rest assured! Keep away last minute tensions and doubts about sending sweets to Hyderabad for your family and relatives.

Happy Gifting! Happy Holi!

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