Acknowledging the Blossoms - Orchids and Tulips


This unusually alluring floral needs special attention when it comes to its species and characteristic specification. A universal symbol of fertility, these flowers provides a number of usages right from being the Vanilla pods that go into baking Cakes to aromatic fragrances made for human endeavor. Apart from all these, it is a florist's best friend.Orchids have derived its name for an ancient Greek word Orkhos given by Greek Botanist Theophrastus which resembles virility. The flower that has long been associated with love and romance, has some exotic breeds, namely- Brassavola Orchid, Cattleya Orchid, Catasetum Orchids, Cycnoches Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids and Encyclia Orchids.

Relative to enormous species, the orchid family incorporates an appealing chain of colors to choose from. And likely to all other florals, this particular bloom also has different implications in accordance to its hues. Some of the pre-eminent ones are:

White Orchids: Represents reverence and modesty along with beauty and poise.

Yellow Orchids: Determines friendship and new beginnings.

Orange Orchids: These orchids denote cheerfulness, courage and self-esteem.

Pink Orchids: Mirrors grace, joy and tenderness, sometimes symbolizing femininity.

Purple Orchids: A symbol of imperialism and royalty, purple orchids Bouquet of Attractive Fresh Orchids are perfect souvenirs for showing respect and admiration at the same time.

Orchids add an unusual charm to an ordinary bunch of blossoms. Its flying in the air-like appeal makes the Orchids an irresistible floral choice. An Orchid's message is impossible to dismiss.


The ever so mesmerizing, spring embellishment is a perennial floral that strives best in places with dry summers and wet winters. The classical symbol of Ottoman Empire, tulips own 6 large petals which are cultured in a myriad of colors. The all decked up bloom may be singular or duplex in number having diversified sizes and shapes. Indigenous to Asia and Siberia, the floret is a major favorite among the human race. A tulip is generally associated with Impeccable Love, still specific colors have certain peculiar significances. Therefore, a short note on different hues of Tulips and their implications:

White Tulips - Tailors messages of forgiveness and worth.

Yellow Tulips - from being a symbol of hopeless love to now, expressing joyful thoughts and ever-radiant sunshine.

Purple Tulips - An expression of aristocracy.

Red Tulips - Depicts genuine love and desire.

Variegated Tulips - Represents enthralling eyes.

The 11th wedding anniversary floral is neither too exquisite, nor too gaudy, neither very big, nor a tiny floret, hence, a tulip is just right, one of its kind.

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